Janet M. Heuer

“Janet’s contributions to our marketing efforts were significant. She excelled at extending marketing campaigns to our in-store efforts, and she designed beautiful and original greeting cards that our customers loved. She always went above and beyond the call of duty to provide more than was asked of her. I valued Janet’s efforts very much and saw the benefits of her work very clearly.”

Robert Beuther, Vice President, Retention and Brand Marketing at The Picture People (Manager)

“Janet was an exemplary Art Director, providing timely designs and illustrations that targeted the clients’ and agency’s needs and interests. She worked long hours without complaint if the job required, and was always more than pleasant, offering ideas, and accepting suggestions and changes when necessary. Janet’s talents and personality traits would offer a positive addition to any company, of any size.”

Nina Bricker, Account Executive, Bricker Associates (Colleague)

“Janet is an extremely talented professional that would be a true asset to any project. She has the ability to assess the needs and provide the appropriate tools, artwork, and input to help achieve the desired results. She has been one of the most pleasurable professionals that I have worked with. She made the project a joy by engaging in high caliber technical discussions that took the project to a higher level. Knowing Janet is a pleasure in itself. I would not pass on her as one of the greater talents of today’s graphic design industry. If you are looking for someone who has a solid reputation for creativity, integrity and reliability then you need to meet Janet.”

Dodi Elhakei, Owner of Strategic Partners (Client)

“Janet is a very versatile, knowledgeable designer-always ready to dive in and help with any project. She is exceptionally skilled at illustration and manages her tasks with a keen eye for detail and thoroughness, often attending to the details that others neglect.”

Erik Drohman, Creative Director for Formation Brands, LLC (Manager)

“Janet is an exceptionally talented graphic designer/illustrator. I was always very impressed with her work ethic, the level of attention to detail awarded to each project and her overall ability to quickly understand the scope of work and design requirements that accompanied each individual project. Janet is very professional, a great team player, enjoyable to work with and someone that would be a great asset to any company that she works with. I hope that we will have an opportunity to work together again in the near future.”

Tamara Long, Partner at Right Angle Strategies (Client)

“Janet is an extremely talented designer and the results of her work were always top notch. She is detailed-oriented and would never let her projects go until she was 100% satisfied. She was a joy to work with and would be an asset to any company.”

Tracey Moses, Director of Marketing at The Picture People (Manager)

“Janet is extremely creative and artistic and would recommend her for any design position. As her colleague, she was a hard worker who would work long hours to get the job done but always kept her sense of humor.”

Fran Yamamoto, Executive assistant to the CEO at The Picture People. (Colleague)

“Janet Heuer is a great designer. She’s talented, creative, professional, thorough, and very responsive to client needs. She’ll take a project from start to finish and do a beautiful job in every respect. Plus, she’s fun to work with.”

Gary Cavalli, President and CEO of Cavalli & Cribbs, advertising agency. (Manager)

“Janet is not only the most creative designer I’ve ever worked with, but also the most professional. She will do whatever it takes to get it right for everyone involved. I would have much less gray hair if only I found her 10 years earlier.”

Bill Morgan, Sr. Account Manager at Central Printing Group, USA (Client and vendor)

“Janet was a pleasure as a colleague. She was responsible, effective and helped develop the agency to the next level of growth.”

Mark Evans, Partner and Cofounder, Bricker Evans advertising agency. (Colleague)

“Janet is the bomb! She works extremely hard, does a good job and has a great attitude. She is good with clients and the creative team. And she finished projects on time and on budget. I highly recommend Janet as a designer or an illustrator.”

Kathy King, Owner of Kathy King Design (colleague)