Janet M. Heuer

From a country girl growing up on a cattle ranch in California, to a leading designer and illustrator in the Silicon Valley, Janet Heuer has gathered her vast experiences and used them as inspiration in her work.

She honed her skills with further training, higher education, and astute mentors. Her body of work spans over twenty years and includes advertising, design, production, illustration, television, print management, estimating, vendor coordination, presentations, and client management.

Janet has created graphics for commercials, storyboards, P.R. events, and videos. She has directed photo shoots, designed sets for trade shows, telethons and television commercials.

She also produced direct-mail campaigns, ads, annual reports, brochures, package designs, posters, billboards, cartoons, architectural renderings, and corporate identity branding.

Janet is not your typical "artist". She is extremely professional, uniquely skilled as a business woman, adaptable with many types of personalities, a team leader, comfortable with presentations, very adept at reading people, and has a keen grasp on client needs.